The Plan of Lever 33 is born from a boat yard chief request to realize a fast and a technologically advanced boat, but with an elegant line. These inputs have conditioned the definition of geometries of the hull. In the bow area will drop the vertical lines in favor of a sleek that streamlines the most important line of the boat. The stern is slightly smaller in width, while maintaining comfort in the cockpit much higher than that of boats of similar dimension. These choices have not minimally penalized the boat performances which appear to be very exciting, thanks to a generous sail plan.

A great design research has been done also on deck to better combine the elegant lines of the hull with a modern but elegant blanket. The wheelhouse separated from the cockpit by the mainsheet, includes a large diameter wheel of 1200mm. The transom opens in its central part by offering a convenient ladder / platform for the descent into the water.


LOA                    9.99m                     Main Sail                33.50m2

LWL                   8.75m                      Jib                          34.80m2

Bmax                 3.38m                      Spinnaker               92.40m2

BWL                   2.87m                     Total S.A.                68.30m2

Draft max           1.85m                     H. cabin                     1.95m

Draft min            1.45m                     Berths                           4+3

DSPL (Empty) 4450 kg                     Material             Composites

Ballast             1450 kg                     Engine                    InB 18hp


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