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The project aspires to create a naval unit on catamaran hull, LOA 77 feet (25 mt) and BOA 27 feet (12 mt), set up as a complete and compact hospital, with reception room for first aid, operating and plaster rooms, delivery room and newborn care, diagnostic imaging and laboratory analysis area.A deck will be used to meetings, to local and distance learning, to teleconsulting and telemedicine.The Levina Italia’s activity will take place in Africa, to support and fit in with the existing health facilities on Victoria Lake coast and islands (69000 kmq) and then  on Tanganyka and Nyasa Lakes, among the biggest in the world.



​LOA        24.20m            Draft. max                    1.20m

LWL        24.00m            DSPL (Full)             90000 kg

Bmax      12.00m            DSPL (Empty)         85000 kg

BWL       11.80m            Material         Steel/Fiberglass

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