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LOA                  10.00m                    DSPL (Empty)                               4000kg

LWL                   9.78m                     DSPL (Full)                                10000 kg

​Bmax                 7.00m                     Capacity people (crew)                    45 (3)

​BWL                  6.80m                     H interior                                          2.50m

Draft                  0.70m                     Material                                     Aluminium

GardaCat is a catamaran with an overall length of 10 meters and a maximum beam of 7 meters.The project is originated by a pubs owner request to have a real floating bar, that it can be used both at anchor as a landing place for other boats, both as a means for tourist travel, both as a local disco evenings off the mainland. Despite being a recreational boat, GardaCat doesn't forget the context in which it is used. It is in fact equipped with solar panels on the upper deck, which allow to power utilities on board in an environmentally friendly manner. The boat has a bathroom on left and a dressing room / storage area on starboard.

There is a scenic bar counter in the center of the main deck, which develops rising from teak floorboards like a wave.
At the bow we have a convivial area on left and the DJ’s console on starboard.
Going up to the upper deck, there is the relaxation area aft-deck, towards the bow there is the cell/console, surrounded by solar panels.



The strobe 23 is a motorboat with an overall length of 7 meters, with OutB 100 hp engine.

This boat comes from the idea of wanting to make the most of the space that a 7 meter can offer. The highlight of the project is the use of the area above the outboard motor, through the installation of a sunbathing area for two people; another device is the realization of a double walled folding, which allows to have the zones of water contact away from the motor.

The strobe 23 is also equipped with a small covered bathroom in the bow.

STROBO 23 version 2
STROBO 23 version 1
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