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ACDesign Studio also handles refit and repair and after sales service of boats, available to customization and modernization processing of the boat lines.

A careful restoration , a complex maintenance, a total refit often require a significant investment but for many boats can determine the new value, new life.

Knowing when and how to intervene, and especially with what structure, is a vital factor for not turning a wise investment in a great expense "to lose".

Our refitting system provides many services including technical support, modifications of the hull or superstructure, boat components modification and much more.

  1. Lever 33
Grand Soleil 343

An example of restyling made by AC Design Studio concerns  the change of deck and hull of a Grand Soleil 343.

The input was to give a more modern look, broadening and shortening the stern, raising the freeboard and verticalizing the bow.


From Grand Soleil 343 to Lever 33

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