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We chose the 9.1 mt LOA not to over complicate its construction, but to facilitate the availability of a place to build this boat, and at the same time to have internal volume that allows a comfortable cruise. The CPM associated with a chines hull is for us the best way to reduce the construction time.
Analysing the undersail behavior of chines boats we noticed sudden variations in volume so we opted for a triple-edge hull, which has a  very similar behavior in the water to a round  hull. The bow very thin for a chines hull boat, a flat bottom and very powerful stern exits give an aggressive look to this boat.
We wanted to make something new for deck design in the self wood construction.
The Start 90 deck has the deckhouse and the cockpit with very soft lines.
We used the furnishings as structural elements to reduce the total boat weight.


LOA                      9.10m                     Main Sail              30.00m2

LWL                      8.10m                     Genoa 110%        20.00m2

Bmax                    3.20m                     Genoa 140%        28.00m2

BWL                      2.50m                    Gennaker              90.00m2

Draft max              1.90m                    H cabin                     1.86m

DSPL (Empty)     2750 kg                   Engine                  InB 12 hp

Torpedo              1000 kg                    Material                       CPM


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